To know all about Costco


Over 240,000 employees (worldwide)

Over 9,500 employees (Japan)


Over 97 million members

Ratio of male/female employees


Ratio of female manager


Certification of “Kurumin”

Costco Japan was certified for the company that support child-raising.

Excellence Award from the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare

Costco Japan is honored to be awarded for these two prestigious awards in 2010 – Corporation Awards for the Promotion of Gender Equality and Family Friendly Corporation Awards. MHLW solicits and gives awards only to premium companies who truly ensure equal opportunities and treatment between men and women in the field of employment. Costco Japan was officially recognized as a leading company to be a role model to all other companies in Japan.

Certification of “Eruboshi”

Costco Japan is also certified for Eruboshi which is the certification MHLW gives only to the companies that promote women’s active participation in the workplace. Costco received the best award, “Three stars”.

Ratio of taking annual paid vacation leaves

Over 95

Ratio of returning to work from child care leaves

Over 95